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Tunigparts 7HV

Here we offer tuning parts for the Compass 7HV which was bsicaly designed for the 7HV Exrem (there are not enought people interested in the 7HV Extrem for that we can offer it) and which can also be used in standart version

Setenleitwerk 7HV CFKJPG

Tail Finn for 7HV  made from 1,5mm CKF/Kevlar composit
Gewicht: 10g

15,90 €

Heckgetriebelagerplatte 7HV CFK

Tail gear box frames for 7HV made from 2,5mm CFK
Gewicht: 2,6g/Stk

15,60 €

Flange 7HV-Rave

Autorotation hub for the helical main gear of Rave 90 ENV (without the one way bearing. You must warm up to fit it)

59,50 €


Helical main gear weehl of rave 90 ENV with 130T

25,69 €


Helical Pinion from Rave 90 ENV 13T





You can order this parts with e-mail from all countries.


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