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Tuningparts 6HV

The part which are offered on this page are tuning parts for the Compass Atom 6HV which You can use instead the original parts


Seitenleitwerk 6HV CFK

light tail finn for 6HV  made from 1,5mm CFK/Kevlar composit
weight: 5,1g

15,90 €

Heckgetriebelagerplatte 6HV CFK

Tail gear box frames for 6HV made from 2mm CFK
weight: 2,1g/Stk











The actual projekt is to fit the strong tailrotor of 7HV to the 6HV. On the picture You can see the prototype.

You need the kit for the strong 7HV tailrotor (09-8000), a new tail pitch slider, a new tail gearweehl, and the part 09-7023 from 7HV You must modifi a litle bit.

The parts we will offer soon.

6HV mit starkem Heckrotor

You can order this parts with e-mail from all countries.


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